3 Favorite Things

In December I wanted to do a post about my wedding day (in celebration of our two year anniversary…we had the most beautiful Christmas wedding, complete with carolers and all!) but with the holidays I completely lost track of time. Well today, my dear friend Juli who is responsible for making our wedding so great and soon to be super famous thanks to Style Me Pretty, inspired me to go ahead and do this post…a month late!  So here’s to 3 of my favorite things: Juli, weddings, and {most importantly} my sweet husband.

(Ok, so this is somewhat unrelated to babies, but design oriented just the same! AND as an FYI, Juli is fantastic at planning weddings and baby showers)!

Juli (and Josh!) thanks for making our wedding day the best day ever.  Tyler, I love you more today than the day we got married. Thanks for giving me the best gift (my second favorite thing after you)!

**All photos by Michelle Marie Photography


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  2. Kim G

    Umm I can’t handle these pictures. Y’all are spectacular! This is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I’d known you back then :)

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